Six of Cups – Celebrate Friendships

Six of Cups

My card for this week celebrates friendships. I’ve had so much fun connecting with friends to celebrate my birthday. Every day really is precious. Let me know if you’d like me to draw a card for you!

Traditional meaning:

This card celebrates the power of strong relationships. It could be a long-term family member or friend who has supported you through various hardships. It could be a brand-new friend who knows just the right thing to say.

With the support of someone who cares, life becomes brighter. Experiences become fresh and fulfilling. You can be attentive to the wondrous world which has always been there around you.

It’s important for each of us to have someone we can talk with. Someone we can trust in. Someone who supports our goals. Seek out those people and nurture those relationships. They are well worth it.

My Interpretation:

This is a contented looking card. Peaceful. Warm. There are a wealth of beautiful flowers in pink, violet, red, orange, and all sorts of shapes and sizes. There is something for everyone.

The two friends are joyfully happy together. They are smiling and talking. Sharing trust and secrets. They are snuggly dressed in cloaks and hats. The world beyond them doesn’t even exist. It’s just about them and their serene world.

This is a card of peace and togetherness. About cherishing a friend who listens to you. A friend who believes in you. It’s about being aware of how many blessings you have already. Breathing in that joy.

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