Welcome to the MeditateTips site. My name is Lisa Shea, and I have been on the web since the late 1990s. During the early years I wrote hundreds of articles on meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and related content for my LisaShea.com website. I began organizing it in earnest around 2007. Visitors kept asking me to gather the information into books, and in response I wrote a series books on these topics.

Lisa Shea’s Yoga and Meditation Books

In addition to those yoga-specific topics, I have written over 400 books on a variety of fiction and non-fiction categories, ranging from mystery to science fiction, from romance to historical. Here is my full library!

Lisa Shea’s Library of Books

As I continued posting content in a variety of areas on my LisaShea.com website, visitors kept asking me to create a site specifically for my meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and related articles. That is how this MeditateTips.com site came about. It is a distillation of my gigantic LisaShea.com website to have just the content relating to meditation and related topics. That way it’s easier to search and navigate.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my writings!


About Lisa Shea:

Lisa has been writing about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and related topics since the early 1990s. For ten years she published a magazine on feudal Japan’s history and culture. She has maintained a daily yoga and meditation practice for over a decade. It is due to the focus and energy provided by these activities that she’s been able to write and publish over 400 books on a range of topics. Lisa strives to help each person she meets understand and embrace the life-changing energy provided by yoga and meditation.