Welcome to the MeditateTips site. My name is Lisa Shea, and I have been on the web since the late 1990s. During the early years I wrote hundreds of articles on meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and related content for my LisaShea.com website. I began organizing it in earnest around 2007. Visitors kept asking me to gather the information into books, and in response I wrote a series books on these topics.

Lisa Shea’s Yoga and Meditation Books

In addition to those yoga-specific topics, I have written over 500 books on a variety of fiction and non-fiction categories, ranging from mystery to science fiction, from romance to historical. Here is my full library!

Lisa Shea’s Library of Books

As I continued posting content in a variety of areas on my LisaShea.com website, visitors kept asking me to create a site specifically for my meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and related articles. That is how this MeditateTips.com site came about. It is a distillation of my gigantic LisaShea.com website to have just the content relating to meditation and related topics. That way it’s easier to search and navigate.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my writings!


About Lisa Shea:

Lisa has been writing about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and related topics since the early 1990s. For ten years she published a magazine on feudal Japan’s history and culture. She has maintained a daily yoga and meditation practice for over a decade. It is due to the focus and energy provided by these activities that she’s been able to write and publish over 500 books on a range of topics. Lisa strives to help each person she meets understand and embrace the life-changing energy provided by yoga and meditation.

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All written content on this site is written personally by me Lisa Shea and copyright (c) to me Lisa Shea. I strongly support the rights of authors and do not allow my content to be used or ingested by AI programs such as ChatGPT to be used without attribution or recompense.

Nearly all images on this site are personally created or taken by me Lisa Shea and copyright (c) to me Lisa Shea. There are times that I used fully licensed stock images depending on the content of my articles. In those situations I will credit the stock company I acquired the image from. I do NOT use AI-generated images, unless the specific purpose of the essay is to discuss the ethical issues of AI-generated images, in which case I will clearly indicate that.