Yoga Eases Stress

Normally I strive to do yoga every morning, but for a while now my yoga area has been stacked with art supplies, boxes of papers to go through, and items to ebay. As the days went on I was gaining weight, having pain in my wrist and back, and feeling sluggy. The lack of yoga was taking a serious toll on my ability to function in daily life.

Finally I invested the time to get that area cleared out again. I listed a bunch of things on Amazon and eBay to sell. I stacked all the art supplies on their shelf so they’re out of the way. I moved the paper-sorting boxes back into my office. Now my office is cluttered again, but one step at a time. There’s only one of me :).

So today I was able to open the sliding door, watch the cats relish their fresh air smells, and do my yoga routine.


I forget sometimes just how wonderful it feels to do the poses. Yes, it’s nice in a “I am taking a pause for myself” way – but it’s also very soothing in a physical way. The stretches feel wonderful. It’s like the times when you stretch in the morning and it just feels so good. If you haven’t felt that way before, maybe now’s the time to head in that direction :).

I had almost come to accept as “normal” the tightness in my shoulders – and it’s delicious now that that area is relaxed again. My left wrist is feeling better. I don’t know what I’d done to it – I was even having trouble holding things, which isn’t good given the number of projects I’m working on.

The lesson here is to find some way to get yoga into your daily schedule. Even if it’s just a short session. Even just a few minutes. The benefit they bring to your entire day is wonderful.

Here’s a short version of my routine to get you started!

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