In our modern age of the internet, it can seem as if friends are simply a counter to be racked up like notches on a belt. “I have 500 friends – how many do you have?” People “friend” people they met once in a bar for a few brief minutes. They “friend” someone they ran into at a networking event. They click that ‘friend’ button and then never talk with them again.

But true friendship has amazing power, mystery, and strength. Think of Frodo and Sam in Lord of the Rings. Sure, Sam and Frodo had their differences. They weren’t twins. They thought about issues from their own unique vantage points. They would fight and even fall out sometimes. But when it truly mattered, they knew the other would be there for them. Right by their side, ready to do whatever it took to keep their friend safe.

How about Toy Story? Once again you have two quite divergent characters. Woody, the old-school toy. Buzz Lightyear, the new-fangled spaceman. They realize over time that they have a lot in common. Where it matters, they see wholly eye to eye. They’d do anything to protect their community.

That dedication is a key aspect of friendship. It’s easy enough to be a fair-weather companion. Countless songs talk of the people who mob you when times are good – and then who quickly desert you when the going gets a bit rough. The true friends don’t leave. They’re the ones who stay by your side, seeing things through.

That being said, a good friendship is also nurtured. If one person abandons the other, and treats them cruelly for month after month, it’s not surprising that the friendship might wither. A friendship should be cared for, like any important relationship. It should involve both people putting in the time and effort to watch over the other. It should not be taken for granted. It should not be abused.

Friendship brings one of the most valuable gifts of all – the value of being understood. Of being treasured. Of being seen for who you really are and loved for that. With a friend there’s no need to dissemble. To hide your thoughts or feelings. While a friend might not always agree, they will always understand. They will appreciate why you feel the way you do. They will be there for you and support you in all your dreams and challenges.

If you haven’t spoken to your friend in a while, now’s the time. Make that contact. For every day is precious. Every moment is fleeting.

True friendship is Eternal.


Lisa Shea

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