Gratitude Day 13

I have been so non-stop busy these past three days I never found the five minutes to post about gratitude! I am catching up now. I am being gently compassionate with myself about juggling so many things. The two back-to-back art festivals plus art show are now complete and I’ll have some time to breathe.

What are you grateful for today?

Have you been frustrated with yourself recently? Treat yourself as you might a beloved child. Remind yourself that we are all imperfect humans and we try the best we can.

I do try to be compassionate with myself with I don’t get everything done that I aim for. I know I have a number of to-do items that various people are eagerly waiting for. I am aiming to do better and allocate tasks to other people where they can lend a hand, so I’m not a logjam on tasks that involve others.

I am grateful today that Bob is such a wonderful help. He cooks delicious food for us, and he went to the Uxbridge gallery with me today to get everything reset from the art reception on Friday. I’m also grateful the kitties were calm last night so I got wonderful sleep!

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