Gratitude Day 14

Step by step I catch up. Day 14! Treat your nose to something nice! Will it be a lavender bubble bath? A cinnamon candle? Maybe the aroma of chocolate? How will you gently add fragrance to your world in a way which works well for you?

And what are you grateful for today?

I have all sorts of candles and incense here but rarely use them. I also have lavender bubble bath and rarely use that. I will strive to use something each day. I have them – I might as well! I also have a little vial of Cleopatra “stress relief” aroma which I bring while traveling. It really is quite lovely. I’ll keep it here on my desk to breathe in and relax.

I’m grateful I found the time to get some laundry done today, so I have clothes to wear tomorrow :).

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