Day 12 of Gratitude

Day 12 of our Gratitude project! Join us! What are you grateful for today?

Today we brainstorm our vision statement with its priorities. Priorities are your life-long general aims. These would be things like:

* be healthy

* be serene

* be organized

* help others

* constantly learn

Priorities are phrased in the “I am now doing this” tense. Priorities are large, all-encompassing areas of life. Specific tasks like “be 130 pounds” come later in your goals. That would be in service of the priority of “be healthy”.

My priorities have been steady for many years now. I track them in an online thread and review them every six months or so. They are:
~ help others directly

~ help others help themselves

~ be healthy

~ be serene

~ find the lesson in every day

~ organize my world


Today I am grateful that I have worked on time management processes for years, to learn to use my time efficiently. It’s served me very well as I’ve aimed to get many things done every day.

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