Day 11 of Gratitude

It’s Day 11 of our Gratitude Project! What are you grateful for today?

Find a way to help someone out. Offer to babysit for a parent. Offer to take someone to dinner. Offer to fix something for someone. Offer to help them learn something.

The possibilities are endless!

I had an extremely busy day today. I woke up and finished an article for a Fiverr client on breast cancer. Then I went to do a cable TV interview about my books. Then I got home and worked on a Fiverr article on meditation. Then I headed out to open the art gallery so we could hang our Fall Show. But I couldn’t even help with the hanging part because I had to work on several other Fiverr articles on meditative topics. Then I got home to spend time with my son and his partner. When they left I had to get right on writing a long article exploring six yoga-based non-profits. I just got done! So I’ve literally been running from task to task to meet the deadlines.

When I was at the cable TV station, the young man after me was a teenager who had just written his first book. I’d met him at Enchanted Passage. I offered again to help him with marketing and with getting author opportunities. There are several events coming up that he could participate in. I love helping new authors. Hopefully his interview went well, and I’ll see him at future events!

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