Day 10 of Gratitude Project

We’re in double digits! Hurrah! Day 10!

What are you grateful for today?

Add something growing into your life. Plant a seed or two. Get a live flower. How about an artificial flower to represent growth? An image of a flower?

Find something to remind you to keep stretching.

Our kitchen window is growing yet more children from my sister Thamzen’s wedding plant. I’ve given children of these out to all sorts of family members, and the plants just keep growing. We’ll see if I can get some to the triplets and Artem next … it makes me happy to keep spreading these around :).

Today I am grateful I work for myself from home. When I woke up I met with an author to help him with his wonderful self-help books, which inspire countless people to better their lives. Then I attended a ValleyCast meeting which strives to help those with challenges and those of the “standard community” to interact and learn from each other. Then I ran one of my free seminars on how to write a book and get published. It was a full day of education, learning, and community growth!

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