It’s Day Nine of our Gratitude project!

It’s Day Nine of our Gratitude project!

What are you grateful for today?

Do a mindful eating experience. Think about all the people who helped your item reach you, from start to end.

We live in an interconnected web of society! We all help each other.

LOL see this shows how mindfulness is important in our daily lives. I thought, well, I’m drinking herbal tea. I don’t know anything about where this tea comes from! This will be fun! And then I looked at my tea tag and it says:

Stash – orange spice black tea

AAAaaaaa I’m drinking one of Bob’s caffeine-full teas by accident! I’ll never get to sleep!!!!

I went to their website and all they say is: “We scour the earth to find the best quality ingredients for our teas!” – that’s incredibly unhelpful! Surely they could say something a little more informative than that?

Well, I suppose, mindfully, I am grateful for “people on the Earth” for growing my tea, and then transporting it to somewhere else on the Earth, maybe in a boat, or maybe on a train, to then get to my local store, where friendly store-people talk to Bob (because he does all the shopping) and he brings it home to me, where I accidentally drink it :).

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