Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card

It’s a new week! A new chance to pursue your dreams. My to-do list is even larger than usual, but one step at a time I will get through it! Let me know if you’d like a Card of Inspiration of your very own.

Ten of Pentacles

Traditional meaning:

This is a card of accomplishment. It signifies achieving something you had hoped for. For some people this might be a stable, loving relationship. For others, it’s a measure of financial security. For some it’s a warm place to live. Maybe it’s about a job that meets your needs. Maybe it’s about having the opportunity to do something you enjoy.

This card isn’t saying you’re “done” by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, it says to take stock of what you do have now and to count your blessings. Then use that as a foundation for future growth and exploration.

Aquarian Deck:

This is definitely a card of pausing and taking things in. The couple stands within a sturdy gate which is decorated by symbols of wealth. In front of them is a well-protected home on a mountain with blue skies above. The young child with them looks back to see where they have come from.

This card isn’t necessarily saying you’re going to live in a stone house up on top of a cliff-faced mountain. Rather, it’s reminding us to review all we already have in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the go-go-go of future dreams that sometimes it’s important to sit down and realize what we’ve got.

Do we have somewhere safe to stay? Do we have a friend or two who support us? Are there opportunities for growth?

Treasure each one.

Cloister Deck:

Interesting, I get a very different vibe here. Where the Aquarian deck as about connections and compassion, this one seems to be about shining gold medallions on a wall along with lots of food. I agree that these things can symbolize prosperity, but I seem to like the Aquarian vision of it better.

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