Eight of Cups Tarot Card

Traditional meaning:

This is a card signifying change. It might be that you have some level of stability in your life, but even so, it’s just not making you completely happy. The place you live, the way you spend your time, they don’t make you joyful.

You no longer really benefit from those things you do have. The feeling of “it’s not what I dream of” is edging in at you.

This card indicates you need to shake yourself out. Yes, you have some good things. It’s time not to settle for that. It’s time to lift your head and seek out your dreams.

Aquarian Deck Interpretation:

There is practically nothing seen of the main character. A bland, brown robe and a staff to lean on. That’s it. Even the world around the person has been reduced to bland images. A stretch of water. A distant hill. The sky is blank. It’s as if the world has been drained of all meaning.

This is not a poor person. They have diligently carved out some success for themselves. They have those eight cups. But the cups just do not make them happy. It’s not what they crave in life. It’s not what they dream of.

It’s time for the person to go after their dreams.

Cloister Deck Interpretation:

This has a MUCH more hopeful feel to me. The character is an adventurer, maybe even Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. They are heading out to seek what they really want in life. The moon is glowing and alluring. The world is colorful and interesting.

Yes, they had eight cups, but it just wasn’t what they needed out of life. They are leaving those eight cups behind. They’re heading out to find what they dream of.

Tarot of the Divine Interpretation:

Moses / Egypt / Hebrew – Moses was a prince who gave up wealth and position to pursue a spiritual path. This is also a hopeful interpretation to me – Moses made a conscious decision to follow a path of inner joy. I love the colors and strength in this card.

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