Day Six of Expressing Gratitude

Day six of our journey through gratitude!

Be grateful for your body each day. It’s the one and only vessel which holds “you” throughout your life. It does the best it can. Tend to it.

Do gentle head circles. Imagine a golden halo is floating over your head. Slowly trace it three times clockwise. Then trace it three times counter-clockwise.

What are you grateful for today?

Today I’m grateful for rain. I know some people are disappointed that it’s going to be rainy on Saturday, but it makes my life SO SO SO much easier. I’ll be running two separate tents at the Sutton Art Festival. There’s one for the Blackstone Valley Art Association and then one for the Sutton Writing Group.

I was planning to lug two sets of tables, two sets of chairs, two sets of tents, plus all the bins, prints, cards, books, and so on. I wasn’t sure how this would even fit into my car.

But now that it’s rainy, the festival will be in the local church. They will have all the tables and chairs set up for us. No tents needed. Life gets incredibly easy! I just bring the art, the origami, my cyanotypes, and some books. Voila!

If you’re local, come on out to visit the festival and support local artists!

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