Day 5 of Uplifting Words

Day 5 of our 30-day Uplifting Words challenge! Join us!

What are you grateful for today? Think about your mantra.

Then think of 3 people who inspire you. Let them know how much you appreciate them!

I’m grateful that I have wonderful friends in the BVAA and in my writing groups who have come together to lend a hand on Saturday. We have two different events going on on Saturday. There’s a fun art festival happening on Sutton Common. We also have our Uxbridge Gallery with pick-ups and drop-offs for a show. Everyone has come together to ensure both events go smoothly! Hurrah!

As for people who inspire me, it’s hard to narrow that down to just three. There are so many people in my life who inspire me in so many different ways. Every person has something to teach me.

Jane Nozzolillo is one person. She’s in her late 90s and is a writing powerhouse. She only began writing a few years ago and she’s already put out two children’s books, a children’s short story, ten adult short stories, and poetry. She has an incredible sense of wit. I love reading her work. She doesn’t let age slow her down – she just plows ahead.

My son James inspires me. He spends his free time in downtown Worcester helping people with nowhere else to turn learn how to talk with their landlords and get issues resolved. He actively invests himself in making their world a better place.

Dawn-Marie Loan Solais followed her dream to open an art gallery in Uxbridge. It is absolutely beautiful. She is doing everything she can to support local artists and to bring beauty to the world. She’s encountered challenges and she still plows ahead with a smile.

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