Yoga – Take Your Time

An expanded section for my free Yoga book – thoughts?

There’s no race. Go slowly, gently, smoothly, and listen to your body.
This routine here in this book takes me about an hour to finish from start-to-end. That’s because I know it and don’t have to refer to any notes at each stage. I simply move from pose to pose and hold each one the amount of time that works well for me. I hold a spinal twist until I’m “done” – and I move on.
When you are just starting out, you’re going to have to figure out how each pose works and keep referring back to this document to see what to do next. That means it could easily take you an hour just to get through the beginning section. That’s all right! If that’s the case, work on section two tomorrow and section three the next day. Then cycle through them again.The more you practice with the routine, the more familiar with it you’ll be. The more you’ll know how to do each pose without looking it up. The more you’ll settle into the pose without having to think carefully about hand alignment or foot alignment. The more you’ll move from pose to pose without checking your notes.
It’s like any other task in life. Someone who is learning to knit has to give careful thought to the movement of the needles. Someone who’s been doing it for a while can mindlessly knit while watching TV. Give yourself time to get comfortable with this new routine!


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