yoga on my back porch

I am so, so grateful today. I was doing yoga on my back porch and Julie the cat was lounging beneath the glass table. It was really hot so I got the umbrella from the shed and went to put it into the table’s hole. There’s a holder beneath the table that the umbrella pole fits into and I gave the pole a nudge so it would wiggle into the hole. The entire glass top shattered into a billion pieces. (The table was over 10 years old – it wasn’t even a hard nudge). Julie leapt out, I grabbed her and went inside, and I thoroughly wiped her down many times with wet cloths to get off any glass dust. Luckily she seems wholly unharmed. Then I tended to my feet which had various small cuts. All in all it could have been far, far worse. I’m grateful we’re both ok and that now I just need to buy us a new **non-glass** table.

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