The Hierophant – Tarot Card

Happy Monday! I have several art events this week. I am blessed that there is also some open space to get some important projects done for fellow writers. Two writers are actively waiting on me so they can get their books published. Also I need to continue my server moves, to get my mail fixed and my websites stable. So a full roster of tasks.

But interestingly my card is not about any of that. It’s about making time for my spiritual side. And it’s so true, it’s easy to get focused on tasks. It’s important to find that balance.

Let me know if you would like me to draw a card for you!

The Hierophant

Traditional meaning:
The hierophant card is about spirituality. More specifically, it is about studying and learning more about spirituality. It is about expanding your world of empathy and compassion with the guidance of a mentor.

Hierophant indicates that up until now you might have followed a prescribed-for-you course in the way you think about the community around you and about your own spirituality. It encourages you to step beyond those boundaries. To explore new ideas with the help of others who can guide you.

The card also asks you to think about family or ancestral traditions which might have been left behind. Consider how those might gain a fresh role in your life, to connect you with those who came before.

My Interpretation:
The card seems related to religion, with priestly robes and a Christian style staff. The hierophant’s hand is raised to the sky similar to the classic John the Baptist sign made so famous by The Da Vinci Code.

There’s a pair of keys to the lower left – the keys to the Kingdom of God?

The hierophant stands over a pile of jagged mountains. Perhaps they are offering safe passage past those dangers. The look is serious. This person is a force to be reckoned with.

Interestingly, while I tend to think Western when I think of this type of religion, the hat looks like a Chinese / Japanese pagoda, and the sidebars of the hat look Mongolian, so this person seems to represent a variety of religious styles. Even the neck area seems floral, to bring in nature religions.

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