Tarot Card – Queen of Swords

Every day dawns with new possibilities! I’m thrilled with my card for this week – this is “my card” that represents me. The sky’s the limit! Let me know if you’d like me to draw a card for you :).

Queen of Swords

Traditional meaning: 
Put aside your concerns – acknowledge that you have experience, wisdom, and a good grasp of the situation before you. You bring a wealth of knowledge to the issue and are able to judge it clearly.

Honesty and clarity are powerful strengths here.

The key is truth. Work through the fluff and extra layers to get at that truth. And then move forward.

This card can sometimes be a caution about being too honest. Sometimes that can come across as abrasive. There is a tactful way to convey information so it can be most appreciated.

My Interpretation:
This is “my card”. I enjoy it immensely.

The main character is in plate armor and is ready for battle. Steadily in hand is a lovely, elegant sword with roses on it. This represents both strength and beauty.

The character’s long, flowing hair mirrors the tumult around. The character is well versed in this type of swirling chaos and is ready for it. The character’s crown representing leadership and wisdom is not pretentious; rather it is functional and sturdy.

There are waves before and purple storm clouds above. The world is unsteady and rough. That is all right. This character is prepared. The quest will reach success.

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