No Complain Reboot 22 Day 1

Reboot 22 Day 1 –

Well, it was the mess that did me in again. I was in the kitchen climbing past Bob’s amplifier and over the Dremel tool we were using to wire up my photos for my photo show, to get to my morning shake. I got in OK, but on the way out I tripped and banged my knee fairly hard. So first I let loose with some oaths, which I don’t count as complaining as that is “pain reaction”. But then I got into muttering about the mess, which is more in the complaining department :). It shows again, if we’d just keep the mess down, I wouldn’t be triggered by it.

And the mess *was* down only a few weeks ago when we had friends visit – so this is all new mess. Which I think is part of what frustrates me. No need for dremel tools and amplifiers in the kitchen!

So starting the counter again at day one 🙂

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