No-Complain Day 4

Today is the 4th Sequential Day of the current “round” in my no-complain project. I need to think of a better way to describe that. I.e. if I complain I start fresh on Day 1. What would that be termed? If I just say Day 1 it sounds like I just began – but that’s not it.

In any case, yesterday had a spot or two where I could have complained, and I made a conscious effort to instead express my feelings in a supportive / informative way. So I am content with that.

So far today had a huge potential trigger – my camera’s memory card failed on me and lost multiple days worth of files. Including all the daffodil videos I painstakingly took yesterday. But I did not complain or get upset. I have faith that software can recover most / all of them. Plus I had been *told* by my digital photography instructor at the beginning of the class to regularly reformat all my camera memory cards, to prevent this from happening, and I ignored him. So this could have been prevented. I tried a number of free software options but they want me to pay $40 to $70 to actually get the files. So Bob will look into this for me when he gets home.

I had a friend Debi over for a little while, and that was lovely. And we planted some more snow peas, and rinsed our bean sprouts, and I’ve had two veggie shakes. So all in all even with its hiccups the day is moving along nicely.

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