Making a Music Track with BeatOven.AI – AI Generated Music Soundtracks

I’m on a quest to create meditation videos with soothing royalty-free music in the background. BeatOven.AI is a FREE website which allows you to create music instantly!

You first choose the title, duration (up to 15 minutes for free), and tempo: slow, medium, or fast.

For genre, you choose from Indian, pop, ambient, indie, rnb, cinematic, hiphop, or electronic.

Then you get to choose a mood!
Sad – calm – motivational – happy – scary – cheerful – angry – triumphant – relaxing – depressing – dreamy – inspirational – energetic – joyful – tense – fearful

Here’s the full demonstration –

To try out BeatOven.AI for yourself head to:

The music in this video is all by BeatOven.AI

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