Gratitude Day 30

Day 30! The Day of Reflection!

How did this last month go? What things did you get done?

What can you learn from the month?

Remember to be grateful for all that happened, up or down. Life is always about change. We grow and learn.

I find that things always seem to take longer than I think they will. I need to plan more “wiggle room” into my schedules to account for that. When I think a server move task will take four hours, somehow it takes four days. I just need to accept that many things are outside of my control.

Also, urgent things can pop up into my schedule. A website can go down. An urgent change request can come in from Fiverr. I need to have time available to jump on those tasks and get them done.

A key to all of this is that I need to keep my energy levels high. I need to sleep well, eat well, and get yoga time in. If I’m dragging and slow, I can’t get through the tasks needed. I need to be running with smooth, powerful energy and focus.

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