Gratitude Day 26

Day 26 of Gratitude.

We are all but tiny motes in the vast Universe of life. Take a moment to close your eyes. To open your heart. To pray commune reach out and connect. Whatever you believe is or is not out there be open.

Be aware of just how precious life is.

How fleeting.

I was raised Roman Catholic, so I was raised with prayer. Over the years I have studied religion and spirituality – it seems nearly every path involves prayer of some sort. The sense that we are small puzzle pieces in a larger world. We would do well to appreciate our role in our community.

I’ve heard many women say that, in times of great trouble, they went somewhere quiet in their house to drop on their knees and just plead for help. For a sign. For something. We all need help sometimes. And sometimes we all need to accept things are just out of our control. We can do our best – and then just pray things turn out right.

Life is constant change. It is wind and water.

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