Gratitude Day 25

Gratitude Day 25 – Most of us have some tasks in life that we’re not fond of. We tend to put those off until ‘later’. They then loom over us, a reminder that eventually we have to do it. So just do it. “Eat the Frog” as they say in motivational speeches. Get it over with. At least take a step toward doing the task. You’ll be surprised how much better you feel when it’s done!

Do you have something like that in your life? What are you grateful for today?

My to-do list has become massive as I’ve tried to handle a gigantic server move, moving all 30+ of my websites to completely new locations so they stop crashing all the time. The move involved a lot of complexity. Those crashing issues also caused a lot of my other tasks like my Mused Literary Review to fall behind. So it’s not that I’ve put off tasks so I could twiddle my thumbs. These past few months it’s more that I’ve been racing from emergency to emergency and barely have time to take care of the sort-of-emergency issues.

But things are finally calming down. The new servers are all set up and I’m now dealing with smaller clean-up issues. My writing events are pretty much done for the year. The writing seminars I teach are all done for the year. The BVAA art events are all pretty much set. The urgent author helping projects are mostly set. So I can finally take a fresh look at the task list and work through outstanding issues.

I suppose in terms of ‘eat the frog’ I have to make cleaning the dining area a higher priority, so we have somewhere to sit down for the holidays!

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