Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

Happy Monday, everyone! We have a foot of snow here, so the kitties and I are happily snowbound. I have a LOT of Fiverr writing work to get done today! Writing brings in money! Let me know if you’d like a card!

Four of Pentacles

Traditional meaning:
This card invites us to explore our relationship with money. Do we try to hoard money for its own sake, thinking money will bring us happiness? Do we obsess about money, whatever its state in our life, forgetting to treasure every day we have.

So many people with ample money – with a car and home and the ability to buy goods – are still unhappy. They just want even more money.

Conversely, many people with scarce money find ways to be joyful with their family and friends. They even donate the little money they have to help our planet and environment.

It’s all about finding a healthy balance.

My Interpretation:
This is an intriguing card. The person is right at the center of the screen. They’re wearing an unusual hat with a giant pentacle on it. Their chest, also, has a giant pentacle. In each hand they hold pentacles.

In the tarot, pentacles represent finances and security.

While there are dark clouds down below, the sky is full of blue with light, fluffy clouds. It is almost as if the troubles are now behind them. As if they have found the inner strength to rise up to those blue skies.

In fact, the hat is almost coming “forward” out of the scene. As if they are moving forward. Finding strength. Getting everything in order.

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