Evening Meditation Time – Persistence

Evening meditation time. Bob and I both had artwork in the Morini Gallery’s show “Light and Shadow”. I had two cyanotypes featured while he had this photo he’d taken at a Worcester Massachusetts air show. Bob’s photo was taken inside the gunner position of a B-17 Flying Fortress. It’s part of the Collings Foundation “Wings of Freedom” tour. Climbing inside the planes isn’t very expensive – about $15 a person – but for a whopping $450 a person you can actually go up and fly in one. They also have a B-24 and B-25 as part of the tour.

One of my two cyanotypes sold at the opening reception, and the second cyanotype sold sometime during the show’s run. Bob and I were happy with that result. I asked my friend Carol Frieswick to please pick up Bob’s photo and my check when she went out to get her own items.

She came to my front door with just checks in her hand! It turns out someone bought Bob’s Flying Fortress photo while the show was winding down. So we sold all three art items we entered into the show!

This really shows the power of persistence. Of hanging in there. You never know when that one right person will encounter the one right thing you’ve created. It could be that a match comes along on day one – but maybe not. Maybe the right match comes along on day 31. You just have to hang in there, do your marketing, and keep a positive outlook.

Similarly, it could be that the right match came along on day 1, but they weren’t ready to buy yet. Maybe they had to save up their money to afford it. Maybe they weren’t quite sure if it would fit on their living room wall. Maybe they thought they could find something else “better” and realized over time that yours was just what they were looking for. There are all sorts of combinations that can happen.

But if that match is going to happen, you can’t just sit back and hope for it.

It’s important to even play in the first place. Remember that old joke about a person praying every day to win the lottery, and God finally says to “buy a ticket?” You have to step up. You have to throw your name into the hat. That’s how it all begins.

And next, you have to do your part to make it happen. Do promotions for the gallery. Do promotions for yourself. Let the world know this opportunity exists. That helps ensure that the match can take place.

Meditate on ways in which you can help bring these types of matches into being. What steps should you take? What positive energies can you bring into the situation? Then choose one and get started!


Bob’s art can be found at:

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