Evening Meditation Time – Community

I was reminded this week of just how lucky I am to have a community of creative souls surrounding me. Out there in the world, there are many artists and authors who desperately seek to find “their people”. I am grateful that I have managed to come to a place where I have inspiring people on all sides.

The two writing groups I run are both amazing. Both have a wealth of individuals with different views and angles to help me think outside the box. They encourage me in my own efforts and make wonderful headway on their own projects.

The Blackstone Valley Art Association is just stunning. The people there are so amazingly inspiring. Every time I go in there I come up with new ideas and new ways of seeing things. The judge for our latest “Series” show said the same thing – that it was incredibly hard to decide who to rank the highest. There are just so many talented people who approach art from all sorts of different angles.

And then there’s the musicians I spend time with. From Bob’s bands to the other bands we support, they are incredibly creative. They encourage me to go up to my keyboard and make some music.

Whatever it is you love to do, find your “people”. Find those who understand the things which light you on fire. The things which fill your soul with joy. Life is too short to let those dreams go unrealized. Every day is precious. The energy you get when you do what you life will feed every aspect of your being.


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