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Evening meditation time. My Black Cat mystery series sold out AGAIN at the Wicked Good Books bookstore in Salem Mass – I brought them out another box of signed copies today. Stop on by there and pick up yours before they sell out again! Here’s Zuzu posing with the book :).

You can visit the Wicked Good Books bookstore online here:

Wicked Good Books bookstore

It’s always important for partners to support each other. I don’t just dump books on this bookstore and then expect them to do all the work. I post on Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Other networks. I remind people my books are out there, that they support battered women’s shelters, and that they can be found in person in Salem. The Black Cat mystery series is set in Salem and features an African-American private investigator. She investigates 31 different mini mysteries, one a day, from October 1st through October 31st. The stories are all connected with each other.

People who visit Salem can read the book and see the mentions of places they are visiting or walking past. They can explore the world of the book series.

I love Salem. I have visited there many, many times. One of my ancestors was caught up in the Salem Witch Trials. She confessed to being a witch in order to protect her daughter and granddaughter. While she was not hung, she died in jail. Given how some people in the trials were tortured, she may have been a fortunate one.

I’m a strong advocate of writing about what you know and setting stories in environments you are familiar with. If a person who has lived in New York City all their life writes about New York City, they infuse that story with a breadth of details that are phenomenal. If someone who has always lived in Iowa tries to write about New York City, it’s just not the same. But that Iowa person can write about a fascinating, enthralling Iowa situation which people all over the world would love to read.

Whatever you write, find ways to connect with bookstores which are specialists in the material you write. It gives both you and them the best possible chance for sales. It’s a win-win.

Support local bookstores!


Wicked Good Books bookstore

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