Evening meditation time

Evening meditation time. I’m still in shock that another “Lisa Shea” author just released her Cinderella book weeks before my own. The exact same author name. The exact same fairy tale princess. The exact same 30 day period. I have over 300 books out, so I’m not hard to find to see I’ve been working on this area. I’ve been discussing my book for probably over a year.

I have now published mine, even though I wasn’t quite ready to, and will publish book 2 (Snow White) shortly.

A key reason this upsets me is that I worked on my Cinderella series for all this time so it would *counteract* the fairy tale message girls are given. And now there’s a book out which looks to all my readers as if I *did* write a fairy tale version. There’s no way for a reader to look at that book and know it is NOT me. And on Amazon if you click on the “Lisa Shea” name it shows my other books.

Just very upsetting. Time for deep breathing and inward focus. #namaste

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  1. Hi – just a few thoughts:

    Whoever the other Lisa is, she is digging her own grave as deceit cannot lead to success, only failure in the log run.

    Find out from Amazon how to prevent her author name from being associated with your books

    But in the meantime realise that whichever of your books are sold through her ‘Free Advertising’ will be credited to you and not to her.

    If push comes to shove, try and change your author name by adding one letter such as Lissa or Schea. You may not even initially have to change it on your covers, but just to prevent confusion with Amazon, if that is possible.

    What a klutz, but then we must love all as ourselves, so say it with a smile!

    Be strong and overcome.

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