Do Not Complain Reboot 32 Day 2

Do Not Complain Reboot 32 Day 2 –

It was the mess that did me in this time. It seems to be either the mess or food that will get to me. Fri was a long day already, and a CraigsList person had decided he’d come out Sat at noon to pick up an old receiver we were selling. And the house was a complete mess. So, 2am, I’m trying to plow through quite a lot of mess just to get the living room and kitchen presentable. And I got a bit cranky :).

It frustrates me that the house gets to a state that we can’t even have people in just those two rooms without an extensive cleaning. But I’m unwilling to take time away from my already mountainous pile of projects in order to clean it. And Bob doesn’t like strangers in the house.

I guess what we need is a friend who will come in and handle the dishes and counters and such. And then we need to be more diligent about not using these areas as storage locations for months and months.

I admit that the kitchen table is completely covered with all my watercoloring supplies right now, especially as I’m working on a cool “palette” art contest where I have to turn a large wooden palette into a unique work of art. It has to be done by Feb 25th so I have 10 days left on that. Today I’m doing some experiments with folding vellum into origami.

Are you guys attempting mindfulness about complaints?

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