Ace of Pentacles

I’ve been very upset last night and today by the research into abuse of autistic patients. I drew a card to tell me what to do. This is a powerful card about crafting a fresh career path. It confirms to me that my new autism website is well worth the energy I’ve been pouring into it. Let me know if you’d like a card.

Ace of Pentacles

Traditional meaning:

All ace cards represent a new start in their chosen topic area. The Pentacles suit is about financial stability, career, and the material life path. It is about ensuring that one has a stable home, good food, physical health, and so on.

This Ace of Pentacles represents a fresh start in these worlds. A renewed focus on being physically healthy. A fresh start in solidifying the financial status for yourself and your household.

This is a “seed” card. A new project or path is emerging. Trust in it. Make forward progress on it.
Map out your goals and plans. See where you need to go. Then track out those specific steps to get there.

My Interpretation:

The Pentacles suit is about coins and stability. I don’t like to think about it in terms of “wealth” – it’s not a matter of trying to amass a giant pile of coins like Smaug the Dragon. Rather, it’s about finding that balance in life. Ensuring you have good, healthy food to eat. Ensuring the house can be taken care of. These basics all then help one achieve their other goals in life – to help others, to bring beauty and art into the world.

The ace is the keystone card. The one of strength. Of a new start which will follow through to a successful future.

The coin is large and central with the symbol of power in its center. It is right there for the taking. It is surrounded by beautiful, vibrant flowers. It is growing and blossoming. There is a beauty and symmetry in the display. This isn’t just about amassing a pile of coins to stuff into a bank account or to show off to friends. It’s about getting the basics taken care of so one has a stable platform from which to do other things.

The skies are blue. The coin is right there. It’s time to make the plans and go get it.

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