432Hz – The Perfect Meditation Frequency

You might think when we listen to meditative and classical music that we’re hearing fairly accurate representations of what Mozart, Bach, and other greats intended for us. But if you’ve ever listened to meditation music which truly touched your soul, you’ve been given a peek at an amazing, life-changing, hidden-in-plain-sight truth.

Most modern versions of music have been artificially altered and flattened. Far more powerful music exists, just slightly out of phase with the music presented to us by commercial music labels.

Imagine back to our earliest days of humans, when the sounds we heard were those created by nature’s awesome forces. The most fundamental of these sounds is the “Schumann Resonance” at just about 8Hz, created by our Earth’s atmosphere. While the lowest tone humans can hear is 12Hz, we are able to hear the higher harmonics of this base resonance. Over the millennia our brains evolved to reach their highest levels of creativity amongst these Earth tones.

Fast forward to the 1800s and to intensely insightful composers such as Giuseppe Verdi. During this time period, orchestras would decide on how to tune their instruments together so their concert worked properly. However, there was no world-wide “Middle C” that everyone used. After intensive study, Verdi wanted the A4 note to be set to 432Hz. He felt that frequency resonated perfectly with human ears. Verdi was furious with orchestras which destroyed his perfect music by mis-tuning their instruments. He felt they pulled his music away from its balance with the Schumann Resonance.

Then, an international conference chose – for a reason nobody really knows – that A4 should be set to 440 Hz. This wasn’t about our planet’s resonance or our bodies or anything else meaningful. It was just an even number.

We can feel that misalignment within ourselves, if we listen. Yes, it’s in tune with itself. But it’s not in tune with our deeper spirit.

But some types of music do treasure that resonance. For example, Tibetan singing bowls are traditionally made to ear rather than to the artificial 440Hz number. There’s a reason most people find the tones of those bowls so soul-touchingly powerful.

This video here is carefully, expertly tuned to be in the harmonics of the Verdi A. To match with the Schumann harmonics. When you close your eyes and take in long, deep breaths, you can feel the difference. You can feel how the tones interact with your brain and body. How they renew and nourish your soul.

Give yourself the gift you didn’t even realize you had been missing. Open your ears to the way nature intended sound to be. It’s as if you’ve come home to a beautiful landscape which you had long forgotten – but now that you are here, parts of you are wholly awakened which had until now lay dormant. You are activating your creativity, your compassion, and your innermost spirit.

This music lifts your heart and integrates your brain’s halves into a cohesive whole. It nurtures healing, relaxation, and renewal.


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