My first ever yoqua (water yoga) class yesterday was interesting. The regular teacher was out; the replacement did ‘water aerobics’ instead.

Half Hour of Yoga

A half hour of yoga, started the laundry, started the dishes, now to plow into my to-do list. First up, sort and answer email.

morning yoga

My morning yoga was nice but it’s getting too hot out there. I have to find a shady yoga spot! Just not a fan of...

Too Tired for Yoga

Just too tired for yoga (does that even make sense?) – working through email. Bob’s 7am wakeups for census duty are getting to me, I...

Morning Yoga

Enjoyed relaxing morning yoga on the back porch, just over 1/2 hour of stretching, arm strength and relaxation exercises. Ready for the day!

45 minutes of yoga

Finished about 45 minutes of yoga with an ending meditation. Finding some peace. Now to finalize my English paper on Ukraine and submit it.

Morning Yoga

Did my morning yoga – it nicely revs the metabolism and relaxes my shoulders / neck for a long day of computer work.